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DinghyGo 3 Nomad crowned most popular portable sailboat by boating enthusiasts around the world

DinghyGo 3 Nomad crowned most popular portable sailboat by boating enthusiasts around the world

Most popular portable sailboat DinghyGo 3 Nomad celebrates its Quinquennial at Boot Düsseldorf 2019

Düsseldorf, 2019 January 19th. Aquacrafts is celebrating 5 years of continued success of its star inflatable boat DinghyGo 3 “Nomad”. The Dutch designer and producer of the successful family of DinghyGo 3-in-1 (sailing, motoring, rowing) portable sailboats series launched the first ultra-compact medium sized (275 cm) DinghyGo model in 2013.  Of the entire DinghyGo series DingyGo Nomad 3 in particular has proven to be highly popular with boating enthusiasts around the world.  What sets DinghyGo 3 Nomad apart is its compact and lightweight design so it can easily fit in a family car, yacht or camper. By making clever use of light composite materials for its sailing equipment and applying a superior finishing, Nomad 3 provides the optimal mix of quality, functionality, ease of use and portability needed for leisure sailing on the go. This has shown to have great appeal with families and holidaymakers. All DinghyGo sailors around the world celebrate the success of DinghyGo Nomad 3 together with its designers Aquacrafts, and here are some of their feedback:

S. Naujoks, Germany: “It is terrific!!! Great boat!”
R. Harrison, UK: “A fantastic machine”
U. Hennemann, Austria:” Es macht viel Spass”
S. Stuart, UK: “Very versatile!”
E. Hammer, Norway:  “It is a fantastic dinghy!”
P. Schmidt, USA: “I’m thrilled! I'm in love! She is as cute as a button, and as a woman, I appreciate how lightweight she is”
G. Shopov, Bulgaria: “Very good and comfortable”
R. Krüger, Germany: Es sieht in echt noch besser als auf den Fotos aus – ein wirklich tolles Boot.”

Michiel Troelstra, Head of DinghyGo Global Sales commented, “Together with our DinghyGo community we are celebrating the lustrum of the primal mid-sized 275 cm DinghyGo model at Boot Düsseldorf. Since launching five years ago, a steep growing and loyal number of boating enthusiasts fell in love with the allround DinghyGo 3 Nomad model. Our customers around the world tell us Nomad 3 is their most favorite companion for family and solo sailing, motoring and rowing activities. And with regular updates and improvements we have been solidifying its position as the number one choice in sailboat portability!”

Aquacrafts will showcase DinghyGo 3 Nomad, next to its sportive Orca (325 cm) and compact Nomad S (230 cm) models during World’s largest Boat Show Boot 2017 in Düsseldorf, from January 19th until 27th, at stand number 15G38.If you want to make an appointment or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Michiel Troelstra – contacts details below. For general information, please visit www.dinghygo.com.

DinghyGo 3 Nomad is easy to order at your DinghyGo Distributor or online (www.dinghygo.com/shop) and can be delivered to your home in matter of days. A free accompanying video instruction will help you to be under sail within 20 minutes. 

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