Deepblu Inc.

Deepblu Announces New COSMIQ⁺

The company who built the world’s first dive computer featuring social integration has upgraded its innovative product line with a new addition: COSMIQ⁺. Debuted at the 2016 DEMA Show in Las Vegas, COSMIQ⁺ introduces a brand-new feature for technical divers in five gorgeous colors. Staying true to its roots as the best price-to-performance dive computer on the market, COSMIQ⁺ is priced at the same 299 USD as its predecessor.

Company co-founder and CEO James Tsuei elaborates, “Constant improvement is the company ethos at Deepblu, and COSMIQ⁺ stays true to this goal by enhancing your diving experience.”

COSMIQ⁺ is a refresh of the COSMIQ, Deepblu’s original dive computer, building on all of its existing features, including a 2.2-inch LCD display, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and free firmware upgrades, and adding a new bottom timer setting. This feature specifically targets the needs of technical divers for a secondary device and expands Deepblu’s customer base to include an important niche in the diving community.

The Bottom Timer Mode replaces the existing Gauge Mode and includes the following measurements: current depth, average depth, run time and stage time. The average depth and stage time can both be reset at the press of a button. This feature makes COSMIQ⁺ appealing to technical divers who need to make decompression stops.

Made up of two distinct color families—Noir and Lumin—COSMIQ⁺ is available in a total of 5 different colors. The Noir line encompasses the existing colors Cosmic Black and Lava Red, and is delivered in the same sleek black housing as its predecessor. The new Lumin line comes in three news colors—Lilac Purple, Steel Grey, and Ocean Blue—in a brand-new new white housing.

“Design and user experience have been core concepts of our company since its inception,” Tsuei says. “With the Noir and Lumin lines, we’re allowing our customers to individualize their dive computer with five distinct colors.”

Slated for a Black Friday (November 25, 2016) release in North America, COSMIQ⁺ will be available globally in December 2016

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