Canoeing in Mecklenburg's Lake District

A round trip across ten lakes in north-east Germany

Kanuwandern 10-Seen-Tour - Foto: © TMV / H. Silbermann
The 35-kilometers- and 10-lakes-tour, which requires two to three days, begins and ends in Wustrow near Wesenberg. The boats are put into the water just outside Wustrow on the road to Canow at the canoe rental station on Klenzsee. The tour starts to the west and passes the entrance to Lake Gobenow (bridge). Past Seewalde the entrance into the Dollbek can be found in a southerly direction. After about one kilometer the Labussee is reached and the entrance to Canow lock can not be missed. Eastwards the route follows Lake Canow and the Pälitzsee.
Many campsites and resting places
Suitable camping sites or resting places can be found everywhere along the route. Passing Pälitzhof to the left course is set towards Strasen-Priepert lock. The distance from Canow to Strasen is about 8 kilometers. The tour continues on into the Ellbogensee and Grand Priepert Lake. After nine kilometers the Wagnitzsee opens up to the right.
Clear water and nature all around
Wir halten uns jedoch links, biegen in die Havel ein und durchfahren nach zwei Kilometern den Fienowsee. Danach geht rechts der Drewensee ab. Wir durchfahren jedoch die Ahrensberger Hausbrücke und finden nach ca. 2,5 Kilometern links die Einfahrt in die Schwanenhavel. Hier unbedingt den linken Flussarm fahren. Die etwa drei Kilometerlange Schwaanhavel verspricht klares Wasser, und der natürliche Verlauf bietet eine vielfältige Pflanzenwelt. After reaching the Plätlinsee the route leads past the island Hünenwerder. It is a conservation area and may not be entered. After three further kilometers the tour reaches Wustrow again, completing the circle.


  • Strasen: village church
  • Wustrow: Old oak tree at the road to Canow
  • Canow: Old lime tree at the pub
  • Ahrensberg: Wooden house bridge
The locks in Strasen und Canow are operating in the season only.

Source: Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
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