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"Don't panic - go deeper"

When the season goes to its end, we sometimes have time to search for new dive sites. This year we were successful twice.
Our guests often ask us how we find the dive sites. Naja, there are several possibilities, one of them is a rumor . Since years we have been told that there is a wonderfully overgrown peninsula in Lumbarda.  As a matter of fact, we trid to find it on several occasions, knowing that the area is covered with red and colorchanging Gorgonians and Savalia. We were also aware, that the depth (40-50m) does not make the expedition any easier. This time we were equipped with scooters and technical equipment and this certainly paid off! We were deeply impressed, as we approached the 50m depth and saw a huge field in front of us completely overgrown with corals – just like a well maintained Garden.  
Another source is good relations to neighbour dive centers and other divers. A coral diver (yes, in the Mediterranean they still exist) found a wreck and agreed to show it to us. Obviously this vessel origins from the 1st World War, the wreck lies in good 60m and is about 35m long. We need many more dives to find out more about this wreck and its secrets. Many amazing dive sites in the Adria are way beyond the Sport diver recommended depth limit. We offer a wide range of technical courses from beginner level (extended range nitrox) to more challenging trimix diving. With technical diving you do not only gain more safety, but you learn how to consciously enjoy the beauty of the depth.

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