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PowerDive - enjoy diving without heavy diving gear</02.11>

New diving equipment 2012

PowerDive - enjoy diving without heavy diving gear

PowerDive was created for those who enjoy the simplicity of snorkeling and would like to experience the wonders of breathing underwater. PowerDive is a unique, patented shallow water diving system, bridging the gap between snorkeling and scuba diving.

No certification needed
It is safe and easy and does not require certification. Even if you have never snorkeled or have only basic swimming skills, Powerdiving is available for you. PowerDive is easily accessible to couples, families, children eight years and older, and seniors. It is a great way for a certified diver to introduce non-certified partners to the underwater breathing experience.

Enjoy being underwater without heavy diving gear
Powerdivers breathe underwater by means of a 6 meter air line which is connected to a floating 12 volt compressor on the surface that follows your every movement. The airline allows you to tour underwater near the bottom, at mid-water or on the surface depending on your level of comfort. There is no heavy diving gear.

About Power Dive
Power Dive was established in 1997 and is now regarded as one of the most advanced manufacturers of Surface Supply Diving Systems (formally known as hookah diving). Power Dive has lead the way in innovating products for this market that clearly exists between snorkelling and the complete freedom of scuba dive. The technology in Hookah diving has come a long way from steel helmets and cumbersome dive suits. With the Power Dive system, even first time divers can be underwater in minutes.


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