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How to buy a boat - know your budget

Information for beginners

How to buy a boat - know your budget

Stingray 225 CR

Financing a boat works just like financing a car, so compare rates for boat loans in order to find one ideally suited to your needs. Compare boat prices and educate yourself on the value of the type of boat you want to buy. When negotiating boat prices, you can expect to pay about 10 per cent less than what is asked for.

Deciding on your budget
Now that you have determined the type of boat you want and know how to finance it, you need to start deciding on your budget. The budgeting process needs to be started with a price point you can afford and not a dream boat price that is way out of your league. Be realistic about what you can and cannot afford.

Bénéteau First 21.7

Buying new
Whether you buy a brand new boat or a used one, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Knowing the history of the boat and its motor is an obvious advantage to buying new. Another one is that new boats are under warranty, meaning if something goes wrong you have the warranty to rely on and do not have to spend time on repairs or maintenance. Buying new will also give you the opportunity to customize the boat according to your needs and tastes. In terms of financing, new boats often allow you to negotiate much better interest rates. Still, buying a new boat does not automatically mean there won’t be any troubles. After all, even if maintenance does not require your personal time, you cannot use the boat when it is in the shop.

How to buy a boat - boat shows & online research ....


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