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Class 1 Racing

Class 1 Racing

About Class 1

About Class 1 This supremely competitive sport involves Eleven 2 man teams, each comprising a driver and throttleman, strapping themselves beneath jet fighter canopies to race in pursuit of maximum glory. About Class 1 - read more

Class 1 Powerboat Technology

Class 1 Powerboat Technology Since 1964 powerboat racing has enjoyed rapid technological development. Initially, legendary Americans Jim Wynne, Dick Bertram and Don Aronow reigned supreme. Class 1 Powerboat Technology - read more

History of Class 1 Racing

History of Class 1 Racing From the 34-foot, 21hp wooden monohulls of the 1950's that averaged speeds of 20mph, to the modern-day, twin 850hp carbon Kevlar composite catamarans capable of exceeding speeds of 160mph. History of Class 1 Racing - read more


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