Inflatable DinghyGo 3 Nomad redefines sailboat portability

Inflatable DinghyGo 3 Nomad redefines sailboat portability 

Latest edition of the world’s favourite portable family sailboat sets a new standard with unrivalled weight reductions

Düsseldorf, 2017 January 21st. Aquacrafts, the Dutch designer and producer of the successful family of DinghyGo portable sailboats series today announced the global launch of its latest edition, the DinghyGo 3 “Nomad” at Boot 2017, world’s largest Boating Show.  With the Nomad edition DinghyGo re-confirms its status as the world’s most compact and lightweight 3-in-1 sailboat.  

Since its first edition in 2013 DinghyGo was an outright success around the globe as the ideal family companion for fun boating activities, including sailing, motoring and rowing. There is no looking back as DinghyGo enthusiasts are sailing the waters around the world from Hawaii to South Korea. With its Nomad edition DinghyGo brings unrivalled portability improvements making it easier than ever to carry it along on your journeys, even when space is restricted. 

DinghyGo 3 Nomad makes clever use of lighter materials for its sailing equipment and hull allowing it to carry 10 Kg less weight (-20 %) than its predecessor “DinghyGo 2 Beach”. In addition DinghyGo 3 Nomad combines an enhanced design with superior composite finishing while maintaining its renowned robustness. All the skipper needs to do to get sailing is fold out, pump up and rig your DinghyGo and take it out on the water! Whether you are a beginner or experienced sailor, DinghyGo feels like a real sailing boat and is easy to control.

Michiel Troelstra, Head of DinghyGo Global Sales commented “DinghyGo 3 Nomad sets a new standard in portability making it easy for all to carry DinghyGo. For example, DinghyGo 3 Nomad even fits into the trunk of a Smart ForTwo! And camper van owners love the fact Nomad comes with a significantly reduced weight enabling their camper load to stay below allowed capacity limits ” DinghyGo 3 Nomad is easy to order at your DinghyGo Distributor or online (www.dinghygo.com/shop) and can be delivered to your home in matter of days. A free accompanying video instruction will help you to be under sail within 20 minutes. 

The new DinghyGo 3 Nomad will be showcased from 2017 January 21st until 29th at world’s largest Boat Show Boot 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany, stand number 15G38.

If you want to make an appointment or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Michiel Troelstra – contacts details below. For general information, please visit www.dinghygo.com.

About Aquacrafts
The DinghyGo series are produced and distributed by the Dutch company Aquacrafts: Specialised in providing water enthusiasts and holiday-makers alike unforgettable sailing fun everywhere.

Contact person
Michiel Troelstra
Oeverloper 23

DinghyGo 3 Nomad photo’s and video can be downloaded from Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sqrqbyzra5li9d4/AAAtbu-l_Cn1vyebZIO60bspa?dl=0

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