"love your ocean" campaign at the boot 2017

Interactive presentations and activities around saving our seas

"love your ocean"-Stand at boot 2017 / © pixabay
The “love your ocean” stand organised at boot Düsseldorf from 21. to 29. January 2017 by the German Ocean Foundation in co-operation with Messe Düsseldorf will be providing information about ocean and water conservation and opportunities to experience the research projects interactively. Frank Schweikert, Director of the German Ocean Foundation: “The aim of our stand is to encourage water sports enthusiasts to be pioneers and ambassadors for healthy oceans and waterways and, as a result, to strengthen support for sustainable ideas in the water sports community as well.” The 20-metre-long replica of a sperm whale is a particularly eye-catching central feature of the interactive stand in Hall 4 at boot that will be focussing on the subject of recycling.
Additional presentations on the „Water Pixel World“ stage
350 square metres of the “love your ocean” stand will be devoted to sustainable interactive projects, alongside an informative programme on the “Water Pixel World” stage. The British ocean activist Emily Penn, who is an international advocate of the world’s oceans, working with research sailors to combat the problem of ocean debris, will – for example – be presenting interesting ways to increase the protection of oceans and waterways as the boot ambassador.
Meere und Ozeane schützen © Pixabay
Emily Penn - love your ocean - boot 2017 / © MD, ctillmann
Meere und Ozeane schützen © Pixabay
Activities on the stand
The interesting interactive programme on the “love your ocean” stand will consist of varied activities that will attract boot fans, whether they are adults or children: In the “Research Cockpit”, visitors themselves will be able to search for plastic particles in water and check samples from different bodies of water in the laboratory.
„Electro Power“ water tower and „Sounds of the Sea“
Electric motors are an essential feature in water sports nowadays and can lead to extremely impressive achievements. The “Electro Power” water tower will be demonstrating this very clearly: a 10 kW electric motor will shoot a column of water up in the air. Listening to ocean sounds is a fascinating experience for our senses. The “Sounds of the Sea” display set up by the Cousteau Society in the skull of the sperm whale on the stand will be bringing the subject of ocean noise to life in a very varied way. Headphones and Xounts loudspeakers with an ocean design will enable the visitors to experience the world of underwater sound.
Elektroantriebe im Wassersport / © torqeedo.com
„Green Building“ in watersports
Sustainable and renewable raw materials like flax and cork will be playing an increasingly important role in the boatbuilding sector as well in future. The “Green Building” project will be demonstrating convincingly the many different potential application areas for these raw materials in the water sports industry.

Bags and pendants from sail cloth
“Upcycling” is the new trend in the recycling field. At the “Recycle Workshop”, children and teenagers will be learning how attractive bags and pendants can be made from pieces of old sails. This project organised jointly by sailmakers and various environmental organisations will be giving amazing tips about the entertaining upcycling of what initially appear to be useless materials.
Bootssteg / © pixabay
Become an ambassador for our seas
The activities to encourage greater sustainability in oceans and waterways will be culminating in the Ocean Symposium, that is being held in the Congress Center Düsseldorf (CCD.Süd) on 24. January. This joint event organised by the German Ocean Foundation, the Prince Albert II Foundation, the industry, the scientific community and water sports associations will be highlighting sustainable boat manufacturing and innovative, environmentally sound marine propulsion solutions. Prince Albert II of Monaco will be coming to Düsseldorf personally to be the keynote speaker at the Symposium on 24. January.

boot-Director Petros Michelidakis about the campaign presentation:
“On the ‘love your ocean’ stand, every single visitor to the trade fair is certain to become aware of the options for sustainable interaction with our earth and the waters on it. I am already looking forward very much to the interesting experiments and exciting results.”
NGOs at the boot 2017
Many NGOs and environmental groups like the Sharkproject, yaqu pacha e.V., Sea Shepherd or HEPCA are present at the boot Düsseldorf to present their issues and campaigns.

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