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Upload, win and become part of the new advertising campaign for the boot Düsseldorf 2017. As a winner of the boot Video Award, you will not only become part of the next advertising campaign, but you will also win an original Splash Drone, the first mass-produced waterproof quadrocopter worldwide. Join in!  
Sealine F530 / Picture: © Sealine -

Sealine F530 - let Your boat enlarge Your life

Following the successful models Sealine S330 and Sealine C330, the new Sealine design is now being continued in the over 50 ft size class... Sealine F530

Dehler 42 / Picture: ©

Dehler 42 - pure sailing enjoyment

The new Dehler 42 blends speediness with excellent sailing properties in order to find a perfect balance between comfort and performance... Dehler 42

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Mini Transat

In the first leg, 15 competitors had to stop off at Spanish and Portuguese ports - for eight of them, the stopover turned into abandoning the race... read more

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Hanse 315 / Picture: ©

European Yacht of the Year 2016 - nominations

The European Yacht of the Year is the most thorough competition there is for production boats, the only one that tests 25 yachts in five different categories... See nominations

Crownline R18 , Picture: ©

How to buy a boat? - a newcomer's guide

So you are toying with the idea of buying a boat and joining in on the fun of boating. Owning a boat is a lot of fun and here are some important facts to get started. How to buy a boat

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